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The news of range hood glass


Common glass after cleaning, cutting and grinding side, screen printing, tempered and so on a series of deep processing in lampblack machine with the panel glass called range hood glass. Range hood glass quality is stable, reliable and use of high technology processing, product with precision reliable, beautiful shape, reasonable structure, durable, by users praise. Advantages don't eat gesture, and cooperate with metallic furniture appear very modern, high strength. Lampblack machine now to make glass with lampblack machine of a variety of classification, from feel fully, the color feeling, the function divides a lot of kinds, the following simple introduced several:
To whet a sand glass: a sand granular, a common glass shape, half appear.
The laminated glass: among glass will have a nip glue, which, of course, is you naked eye cannot see from the outside, not transparent, advantages, the intensity is high, the hammer hit not all broken, generally do make a bed, of course, cost is high.
Toughened printing glass: glass has a design, than the other home appliance glass appear beautiful, glass after steel processing, safety performance is high.
Oil absorption glass windowpanes is used mostly "alien toughened glass" to make, the quality excellent toughened glass after a special processing technology, in normal temperature difference and cause by the heat bilges cold shrink would not lead to a glass of blowout, therefore, like square too, like all the big ten kitchen utensils such as brand manufacturers are using the high quality will the toughened glass as lampblack machine is heated parts of the flap, so as to ensure that the interests of the consumer. The expert points out, led to the explosion of toughened glass, many reasons, such as tempered glass on the small cracks, or glass when the factory itself contains the stone, impurity and other parts are the most important of toughened glass, or glass surface of improper installation and cause scratches, wounds are cause toughened glass explosive reasons, and the unique toughened glass material nickel sulfide, because the meeting the increasing high temperature and make its energy increase, long-term heated will in glass internal cause crack eventually lead to glass is broken, and this is the kitchen electric industry has been hard to solve, accordingly, consumer should choose more high quality, well-known enterprise products, not only at product quality pass, in after-sales service also let consumers more at ease.

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