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What is the effect of furniture glass


Laminated glass, laminated paper glass colour and pattern of diversification, carved glass unique three-dimensional sense, in the sun or light irradiation can express a unique decorative indoor atmosphere. Of course, glass also has most of the other materials can't beyond the advantage  is that  easy cleaning of glass.
Glass's  promptness in construction and good controllability  in the quality of the glass make it has been applied more and more widely  in architecture and interior design.   Because the glass itself is overall and rigid material characteristics, in the home environment, the selection and tailored of glass shoule taken fully consider the construction steps and the installation sequence. As relates to the daily use of more to consider toughened glass has decreased the risk.
Glass  has not satisfied with walls and partitions, ceilings and floors, furniture components in the interior design, which has been more and more involved in every corner of the interior design.
Indoor design of the most common glass application means is the use of glass reinforced spatial sense of perspective and lighting. No other material canbreakthrough at the same time .
The living room and dining room, library and kitchen, bedroom and balcony, glass can do almost any form of space division.
 We can choose  clear glass transparent and spatial illusion, also can choose such as sandblasting glass, plastic folder glass shade and light, as far as the stained glass, carved glass, which in itself can become space partition. Hollow glass has good heat insulation effect. Coated glass can reflect the outdoor strong sunlight along with shielding. Hot bending glass is to break the traditional surface and the surface glass rectangular tailor made line becomes fluent.
Glass can be decorated structure body , also be combined with other materials to complete interior design.     Glass and wood collocation can make the glass museum and a sense of cool and warm wood trait contrast.  Hardware often in glass and other materials and structure plays a special role. Some special hardware components of broken glass and other materials over the traditional approach, so that the glass applications become more free.

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