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How to maintain tempered glass


The morning of July 23, Changzhou Wujin Business District of a high-rise office building glass curtain wall suddenly broken. Coincidentally, downtown Rose home owners Ms. Lee call our hotline, said his roof sun room glass for no reason is broken, is it right? " Because the last few days of continuous high temperature? Fortunately the pieces together, or dangerous, do not know if there is preventive measures. "

Yesterday, reporter investigation understands, a lot to do with glass curtain wall of glass in high temperature will occur from severe conditions, but there is no regulatory departments, glass burst after the who pay no legal basis.

High temperature weather, suddenly burst of tempered glass
At noon, temperature is 36 ℃, reporters in the high-rise office buildings 22 floor office saw the onset of spontaneous tempered glass. Broken glass area of about one square meters, fine crack is a spider's web of diffusion.

Staff Wang told reporters, just after 9 am, colleagues are working hard, suddenly " bang " with a bang, broken glass, because it is hollow glass, rupture of the outer layer, inner layer is intact.

Wang believe that with the high temperature weather relationship. Now is the summer, the room will generally use air conditioner, indoor temperature does not exceed 26℃. While outdoor glass doors, windows, glass walls, due to blazing long time by the sun, the temperature can reach 36℃, indoor and outdoor formed a larger temperature difference, easily to cause the glass expansion, burst.

For this, the reporter consulted the personage inside course of study, he says, is the tempered glass explode the inherent defect. Explode reason very complex, temperature change, uneven stress is tempered glass explode external causes, and tempered glass internal nickel sulfide expansion is the internal cause of the explosion. For example, some glass in installation is not in place, causing the glass stress distribution is not uniform, offset, plus a large indoor and outdoor temperature difference will explode. High temperature and temperature difference resulted from simple unlikely. According to China's glass industry standards, tempered glass is allowed to have 3% explosion rate, due to explosive reason is complex, so it is very difficult to prevent.

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