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Laminated Glass

Usually,laminated glass is formed as sandwich of 2 sheets of glass, between which is bonded together with a tough and thermoplastic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer under heat and pressure. Laminated glass is truly the safety glass,once the glass breaks,its scraps will conglutinate with the PVB membranes firmly,which avoids harm towards people and objects owing to the fall of the glass scraps. The laminated glass has strong resistant capability towards vicious damange,steal and violence invasion.

Extremely high safety
Energy-saving building materials
Create aesthetic sense to buildings
Ultraviolet screening
Sound control

Max. size : 2440mm X 3600mm
Min. size: 300mm x300mm

Places where safety requires highly:e.g. ceiling,roof delighting glass,glass floor,door and windows of high building, screen wall,balcony enclosure etc.

Places require ultraviolet rays resistant and sound insulating:e.g. shop window ,outdoors glass in airpot,indoor separate wall etc.

Places raquire safety,jewellery store,museum,super villa,residence burglarproof door and window etc.

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