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Solar Reflective Glass

Off-line reflective glass is manufactured by using the magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition technique. In vacuum chambers, a homogeneous film of metal or metal compound is coated directly on float glass. By adjusting specific factors in the process different thickness of this metallic film coated will lead to various colors and high thermal performance of reflective glass products. On-line LVC reflective glass is manufactured by chemical vapor deposition on glass while it is obtained by different glass substrate colors.

Effectively limit direct solar radiation transmission.
Excellent sight shielding effect on the indoor objects and structures.
Versatile reflective colors and excellent decoration effect.
Proper visible light transmittance and reflectance.
Lessen transmission of ultraviolet.

Thickness: 4-12mm
Max. size: 2440mm X 3300mm
Min. size: 300mm x300mm
The other thicknesses and sizes may be available upon request.


Architecture & Decoration

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