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About Billy Tempered Glass Products


Q. What is toughened glass?
A. Toughened glass is a type of safety glass. It is made stronger in a furnace; a toughened glass is 4 to 6 times stronger than an annealed glass of the same thickness. A toughened glass when it breaks shatters in to small cuboids, these fragments do not cause any Body harm.

Q. What is difference between toughened & tempered glass?
A. Toughened & tempered and interchangeable terms they both are referring to the same product. Sometimes this product is also mis-spelt as tuffen, but sometime referred to as tuff glass

Q. Why should one use toughened glass?
A. For safety from body harm in case of glass breakage.

Q. Can I drill a hole in toughened glass?
A. Once a glass has been toughened, no Edge Finishing or Hole can be drilled in the glass, the glass will be shattered

Q. Where is toughened glass used?
A. Toughened glass is used in the following applications
    •  Architectural shower cubicles:partitions,balustrades,glass doors & windows
    •  Automobiles :on side Windows, not front wind screens
    •  Glazing external: glazing,spider fitting
    •   Home applications    
Q. What are the minimum and maximum sizes that can be toughened?
A. Minimum dimension that can be toughened is 250 mm maximum dimension that can be toughened is 2440 mm x 3660 mm
Q. What are the minimum and maximum thicknesses that can be toughened?
A. Minimum glass thickness is 4 mm and Maximum glass thickness is 19 mm
 Q. What is the maximum temperature in which toughened glass is used?
A. Toughened glass as opposed to annealed glass , can withstand thermal differential. Toughened glass can be used in applications where the temperatures are as high as 250 degrees celsius
Q. What care should I take before ordering toughened glass?
A. Double check your glass dimensions
    Allow tolerance in the dimensions
    Check all Hole & cutout details
Q. Is the use of toughened glass mandatory in buildings ?
A. It is mandatory for external glazing around the world toughened glass is mandatory for all internal & external applications

Q. How can I identify toughened glass?
A. Toughened glasses are usually marked with the manufacturers logo, this logo is printed on the glass at the time of toughening .There are instruments that can be used to check whether a glass is toughened or not

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