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About tempered glass


Tempered  glass ( Reinforced glass ) belongs to a safety glass. Tempered glass is a kind of prestressed glass, toughened glass strength, usually using chemical or physical methods, on the glasses' surface compressive stress, glass under external force first offset surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity of reinforced glass itself, wind resistance, temperature, shock resistance etc.

The shortcomings of tempered glass:
1. Tempered glass can not be cut and processing, it can only be befored tempered  on the glass processing to the desired shape, and then go on the processing of steel.

2. Although the strength of tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass, but glass in a big change in temperature when self-detonate ( itself ruptured ), while ordinary glass does not exist the possibility of explosion.

3. Glass surface will have uneven phenomenon, a slight thin. Thinning of the reason is that the glass in the thermal softening, after strong wind to the rapid cooling, the glass crystal gap smaller, the pressure becomes great, so glass tempered than in prior to the thin steel. General 4-6MM glass in tempering after thinning 0.2-0.8MM, 8-20MM glass tempered thinner 0.9-1.8MM. A specific degree according to the equipment to decide, which is the reason that tempered glass can not do mirror.

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